External Electric Vibrator

The ultimate performance in external electric vibrators. Kemp is one of the global leaders in high and low frequency, mobile or permanent installation external vibration solutions for the industry. Delivering premium quality and appearance on all varieties. Consistent performance, increased productivity and lower operational costs.

Concrete Vibration Motors

Kemp range of mould vibration motors are ideal for concrete industry who needs highest quality in different processing stages. Uni's range is suitable for small and large - scale concrete applications and offers precision solutions to produce consistent, quality products while maximising the power.

Internal -Poker- Vibrator

Where wet cast has to be compacted best suitable solution is Kemp internal vibrator. They are specially designed for rough applications and long duty. Kemp portfolio offers our customers a choice of precision - engineered innovative equipment to meet today’s exacting concrete applications.

Anti-Vibration Solutions

Our core business, the elastic, neutral reaction and almost vibration-free suspension of oscillating machines and screens in the processing industry. We are also manufacturing customer-specific special Rubber Suspension units! Anti Vibration Solutions with Rubber Suspension, Oscillating Conveyor and Tensioning Technology.